Don't Worry, We'll Hook You Up

Gets your vehicle rescued, repaired and collected all in a single app with a peace of mind.

The Company

Ride Rescue strives to bring vehicle services to you with efficiency and trustworthiness. We are in the business of providing a common platform for consumers and businesses in the transport industry and working with insurance companies to create seamless accident reports for filing. By doing that, everyone saves time, resources and reduce carbon footprints while at it.

Of Trials And Tribulations

What started off as a frequent problem about how long and how difficult it is to get help when one is stranded with a broken down vehicle based on their own experiences and also feedback from friends and customers became a mission for Sylvester Han and K.K. Kong. Since 2013, they went through local app competitions, approached entities for help and grants but to no avail. After all that, they decided to take matters into their own hands, roped in a few great minds who were passionate in their own skill sets. Seline Koh, our “Finance Directress”. Han Abdullah, a self-taught media and design specialist. Last but not least, Jack Lim, who heads the company’s collaboration development. Together, they took 4 long years to come up with Ride ResQ, hoping to inject a new idea into an age old problem. So, whatever happens on the road, stays on the road. Just remember, "Don’t Worry, We’ll Hook You Up".

First Of Its Kind

The app we developed is an industry first. It is both available on Android and IOS. The app primarily focuses on the importance of getting the RESQ done on time or even faster than the traditional use of a phone to call for help.

Let Us All Join Forces

We are constantly looking for opportunities to develop strong ties with other organizations within the industry. We are also in the midst of looking for any individuals who qualify to get involved in the business side of things. We welcome you on board to be part of the RESQ.
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